Our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry wants to honor Gum Disease Awareness Month by devoting today’s dental blog to helping you fight it!

We’re filling you in on the facts about gum disease and how to protect your smile and your health with help from your Frankfort, KY dentists!

Know The Facts About Gum Disease!

Your mouth is filled with microscopic bacteria, some of it good and some of it bad.

It’s the bad bacteria you need to worry about because it’s responsible for most of the dental problems we talk about in our blog!

Tooth decay, cavities, and oral infections all start because of a process where bad bacteria feeds on sugar and food particles in your mouth and secretes acids that wear through your tooth enamel.

When harmful bacteria is left to fester on your gums, it can lead to an infection known as gum disease.

*It Develops In Two Stages*

Gum disease creeps into your mouth slowly and quietly, starting as gingivitis. In this early stage, your gums may be a bit tender, slightly irritated, and you may notice blood sometimes when you brush and floss your teeth.

If unchecked, gum disease can advance to periodontitis, where your gums bleed, become red and swollen, recede from your teeth, and cause your teeth to loosen, shift, or fall out.

*It’s The Leading Cause Of Tooth Loss*

Your teeth don’t simply stay in place by chance. They’re held there by the root and gums, structures that have to stay strong and healthy if you want to keep your teeth for as long as possible.

That’s why gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. The bacteria recedes your gums, pulling them away from your teeth and leaving them without any support.

*It Will Have You Seeing Red*

Healthy gums are supposed to be a light shade of pink, but once the acids generated by bacteria eat away at them, your gums will start to darken and bleed.

Some people assume that it’s normal for gums to bleed when brushing or flossing, but that’s not the case!

*It Can Give You Bad Breath*

When your gums are infected, the diseased tissue will emit a foul odor, one that can’t be helped with mouthwash or mints.

This is why people with advancing gum disease will have chronic bad breath, no matter how much they try to brush, floss, or mask the odor.

*It’s An Infection, And Infection Can Spread*

The most dangerous part of gum disease is that it can and will spread if left untreated.

That’s because it’s an infection. Even though it begins in your mouth, it can enter your bloodstream from there and make its way to the rest of your body, putting your health at serious risk for problems like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Let Us Help You Fight Gum Disease!

The best way to fight gum disease is with consistent oral care at home and at your Frankfort, KY dentist office.

When you combine daily brushing and flossing with our experienced, high-quality dental care, you’ll have an easier time staying ahead of gum disease and other oral health problems that threaten your smile!

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