Damaged and missing teeth can make using your mouth painful or practically impossible. Top-notch Frankfort, KY dentists, Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell of Bell & Bell Dentistry can help. Our restorative dentistry services can fix damaged teeth and replace missing teeth with long-lasting restorations that will hold up to pressure inside your mouth.

Trust the over 60 years of combined dental experience of Frankfort, KY dentists Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell, a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society. Everyone we treat is a guest, not a dental patient. We also will never push paperwork in your face the second you walk into the office. We want to hear about your problems or concerns first. Call Bell & Bell Dentistry’s office today at 502-783-6322 to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation.

Restorative Dentistry Can Save Your Mouth

The restorative dentistry specialists in Frankfort, KY at Bell & Bell Dentistry will do whatever it takes to get your mouth back to full working condition. Our top-notch Frankfort, KY dentists use a local lab to provide the best-fitting, best-looking restorations possible.

Here are a few options we may recommend to repair your damaged smile.

  • Tooth Filling – Tooth decay will eat away at your teeth, but our dental team can clear it out. Then, we can use a composite resin filling to repair and support your tooth without anyone knowing you had a cavity.
  • Root Canals – Our painless root canal treatment will remove infected or damaged tooth nerves and pulp from inside your tooth. This relieves your pain and saves your tooth from extraction.
  • Dental Crown and Bridge – Dental crowns are great for repairing cracked and broken teeth and are even used to seal teeth after root canals. Fixed dental bridges will refill your smile with a usable replacement tooth, eliminating the gap you had. We have both metal and metal-free options and will plan your procedure with the greatest precision possible.
  • Dental Implants – No tooth replacement more closely resembles your real teeth in both function and appearance than a dental implant. If you need to replace one or more missing teeth, talk to our dental team about whether dental implants can help you.

Let Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell Fix Your Damaged Smile

Repair damaged teeth and save your smile by calling Bell & Bell Dentistry today at 502-783-6322. Or schedule an appointment to come in and see our restorative dentistry procedure by using our online form. Your trusted Frankfort, KY dentists, Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell of Bell & Bell Dentistry will make sure your damaged or missing teeth are repaired and replaced the right way.

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Video: Meeting the Restorative Dentistry Needs of Dental Patients

At Bell & Bell Dentistry, we don't rush treatments. Dr. David and Dr. Joe Bell would like to make sure that you will receive a complete, functional and excellent dental treatment. When it comes to restorative dentistry, we wanted to meet your needs by listening to your dental concerns and have a thorough examination to provide the most appropriate dental treatment. Check out our restorative dentistry service here: The Father and Son Dentistry in Frankfort, KY are trusted by many because of their comprehensive dental care and experienced in the field of Dentistry. Do not hesitate to call our dental office and schedule a consultation with Dr. David Bell or Dr. Joe Bell for any dental services you need. Reach us at (502) 783-6322. Watch more videos from Bell & Bell Dentistry here: