Healthy Smiles Need Dental Cleanings & Exams in Frankfort, KY

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You want and deserve a healthy mouth. This is why you brush and floss. It’s also why you should be visiting our office for dental cleanings and exams in Frankfort, KY. Regular checkups can:

  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Stop gum infections
  • Catch problems early
  • Give you confidence in your smile

Your mouth does a lot for you. Our doctors at Bell & Bell Dentistry want to help you keep it working and looking its best. Call (502) 783-6322 to schedule an appointment with us soon.

Preventive Dental Care Ensures Optimal Tooth & Gum Health

Prevention is the best medicine. In oral care, routine cleanings should be an integral part of your preventive efforts. Keep in mind that cleanings are not a substitute for your daily brushing and flossing. They are meant to complement your daily hygiene routine.

Why are professional cleanings important? The main reason is that you are human. You may not always brush and floss as well as or as often as you should. When a member of our team cleans your teeth, you will benefit from having plaque and tartar buildup removed from your smile. That considerably reduces your risk of cavities and periodontal disease.

Our general dentistry is built on a simple philosophy: Be nice. We used advanced technology to keep things efficient and pain-free. And you won’t feel rushed through your appointment like you might at another office.

Find Problems Early to Protect Your Oral Health

Professional teeth cleanings are just the start of your routine visits, however. You also receive dental exams because we would much rather catch problems in the early stages. This includes decay and periodontal problems, but it also includes oral cancer. In fact, you receive two screenings — one by a dental hygienist and one by either Dr. David Bell or Dr. Joe Bell. We also offer OralCDx brush biopsies when needed.

Don’t take chances with your oral health. Keep your mouth in good shape with dental cleanings and exams in Frankfort, KY. Call (502) 783-6322 to plan your next checkup with us at Bell & Bell Dentistry.

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