Have you ever had a bad experience at the dentist? Things are different here. When we say there is nothing to fear at Bell & Bell Dentistry, we truly mean it. Everything about our Frankfort, KY practice is geared toward making you more comfortable and less nervous about your dental treatments. Helping people through their dental anxiety is part of our job, and our guests say Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell does it very well!

Father and son dentists, Dr. David and Dr. Joe Bell, are both graduates of University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Both dentists are passionate in bringing the community of Frankfort, KY the best dental treatment they need.

The process starts with a phone call, meeting, and discussion to go over your treatment in detail. Dr. David Bell, Dr. Joe Bell and our dental team works hard to get to know you and develop trust before we move forward in helping you get your better, healthier smile. Call Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell in Frankfort, KY today at 502-783-6322 to schedule a time to discuss your dental treatment needs with us.

Let Bell & Bell Dentistry Help You Stay Calm During Your Visit

Here are a few ways Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell makes sure you’ll get dental anxiety relief and feel comfortable about your dental care:

  • Dental Sedation – As a practice with a hospital license in Frankfort, KY, Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell offers IV sedation should you need something to help take the edge off. Our dental sedation will make sure you are completely relaxed during treatment.
  • Advanced Dental Technology – Bell & Bell Dentistry have advanced dental technology such as intraoral cameras and digital X-rays to help make your care as effective as possible. We also use advanced painless numbing techniques that leave you feeling nothing during your treatment.
  • No-Rush Dental Care – You will not be rushed through your appointments with us at Bell & Bell Dentistry. Our dental office in Frankfort, KY created a caring environment in which you are our guest, not a patient, and we always treat our guests well.

Get the Anxiety Relief You Need from Bell & Bell Dentistry

Get freedom from your dental anxiety by calling Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell, our Frankfort, KY dentists at Bell & Bell Dentistry today at 502-783-6322. Use our online form to schedule your appointment as well. With dental sedation, a no-pressure atmosphere, and painless injections, we expect this will be the most comfortable dental anxiety relief experience of your life.

Hours: Mon - Thur 8AM - 4PM

Video: Dental Anxiety Relief and Treatment at Bell & Bell Dentistry Discussed by Dr. Joe Bell

At Bell & Bell Dentistry, your convenience and comfort while at the dental chair is our top priority. We would like to make it certain that you are receiving an excellent dental care from our team. On top of that, we understand the struggle of having a dental anxiety. Hence, we prepared items to relieve your anxiety and set a relaxing environment for your comfort. Learn more about our Dental Anxiety Relief service here: The Father and Son Dentistry in Frankfort, KY are trusted by many because of their comprehensive dental care and experienced in the field of Dentistry. Do not hesitate to call our dental office and schedule a consultation with Dr. David Bell or Dr. Joe Bell for any dental services you need. Reach us at (502) 783-6322. Watch more videos from Bell & Bell Dentistry here: