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When you’re in pain and your smile is at risk, time is critical. That’s why Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell make immediate care for your dental emergencies in Frankfort, KY a top priority. We offer same-day appointments so you can:

  • Get fast relief for your dental pain
  • Receive restorative dentistry to repair a damaged tooth
  • Prevent the spread of oral infection
  • Save a loose or knocked-out tooth
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Preserve the health and beauty of your smile

Our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry does all we can to provide emergency dental care for our guests because we want you out of pain as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate to bring your painful dental problems to us when you need it most.

Call (502) 783-6322 right away, and someone from our caring staff will assist you.

Receive Emergency Dental Treatment When You Need It Most

It’s always a good idea to practice caution when it comes to protecting your teeth and gums. But the truth is, a dental emergency can happen to anyone at any time. When it does, you can count on Bell & Bell Dentistry for help.

Drs. David and Joe Bell bring decades of experience to our Frankfort, KY dentist office. That means we’re able to take swift action to help you get out of pain and address a wide range of dental problems using the latest techniques.

Some of the most common dental problems we see that require immediate care:

  • Toothache — You never have to question whether dental pain justifies an emergency visit to our dentist office! Pain is a red flag that something is wrong, and a toothache is no exception. It could be a symptom of infection, which we can treat with a root canal. We will carefully remove the infection, disinfect the area, and save your tooth so your other teeth, and your smile overall, remain healthy.
  • Decayed or Damaged Tooth — Sometimes, dental pain and damage can be the result of tooth decay or trauma. If you have a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth, it can pose a threat to your surrounding teeth by allowing harmful bacteria access to the inside of your tooth. We can prevent that with a durable, natural-looking dental crown so your healthy, beautiful smile stays intact.
  • Loose or Missing Tooth — Every highly skilled dentist knows that preserving your natural tooth is ideal. That’s why we do all we can to save your loose or knocked-out tooth whenever possible. On your way to our office, you can keep a lost tooth in a sealed container of milk or saltwater, or carefully place it inside the socket until you receive treatment. When saving a tooth is not an option, we can rely on dental bridges or dental implants to preserve the function, health, and appearance of your smile.

Never hesitate to reach out to us for help with your dental emergencies in Frankfort, KY. When you need fast pain relief and immediate dental treatment, contact us right away at (502) 783-6322.

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