Do you have chips, cracks, or stains holding your smile back? Bell & Bell Dentistry in Frankfort, KY has the solution you need to fix all of those issues, plus some. Dental veneers are an amazing way to give your smile a brand-new appearance and boost your confidence fast. Your custom dental veneers will blend seamlessly into your smile, leaving no evidence behind – except a perfect smile. Let trusted Frankfort, KY dentists, Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell, both graduates of the prestigious University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, help you get a lift on the appearance of your smile.

Call Bell & Bell Dentistry today at 502-783-6322 to find out how dental veneers can improve the way your smile looks. When you visit our office at Frankfort, KY, you’ll first sit with Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell to discuss your options.  

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain crafted to match the shape of the teeth they will fix. Your custom veneers are made specifically for your smile and will blend in with the color of your other teeth. A small amount of prep work (enamel removal) is required, but your smile will look worlds better after your new dental veneers are applied.

What Do Dental Veneers Treat?

  • Chipped Teeth
  • Cracked Teeth
  • Misshapen Teeth
  • Stained Teeth
  • Gaps

e.max Dental Veneers from Bell & Bell Dentistry

e.max is a thin yet strong dental ceramic that yields high-quality veneers to last you for years. One of the biggest advantages of e.max veneers is how thin they are. The thinner the material, the less tooth enamel needs to be removed. The more natural enamel we can leave on your teeth, the better.

Show the Best Side of Your Smile

Call Bell & Bell Dentistry in Frankfort, KY at 502-783-6322 today to schedule your dental veneer consultation with Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell. Use our online form to schedule your visit as well. Dental veneers from top-notch Frankfort, KY dentists Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell of Bell & Bell Dentistry will cover even the most stubborn cosmetic issues, leaving only the bright, white, practically perfect smile you deserve.

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Video: Changing Life by Transforming One Person's Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

You do not need to feel miserable for the rest of your life because of your unsightly smile. Nowadays, Cosmetic dentistry can solve your problem and restore the confident smile on your face. Whether you need a simple bonding or a smile makeover, Dr. Bell can certainly help you achieve that glowing smile. Check Bell & Bell Dentistry's cosmetic dentistry service here: The Father and Son Dentistry in Frankfort, KY are trusted by many because of their comprehensive dental care and experienced in the field of Dentistry. Do not hesitate to call our dental office and schedule a consultation with Dr. David Bell or Dr. Joe Bell for any dental services you need. Reach us at (502) 783-6322. Watch more videos from Bell & Bell Dentistry here: