Are You Blessed With Restful Sleep? [QUIZ]

Do you wake up feeling refreshed, rested, and ready to start a new day?If the answer is no, there could be a whole host of reasons, and one of them could be harming your health.Today, we’re sharing a quiz to help you ...

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Prepare Your Smile For Thanksgiving [BLOG]

Time is flying by this year! We’re already facing another holiday, and it’s one that has significant meaning for dentists. That’s because we’re talking about Thanksgiving.Not to minimize the deeper meaning of the ...

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Give Thanks For Comfortable Chewing! [VIDEO]

It’s a month to give thanks for all life’s blessings, and one of those is the delicious Thanksgiving meal you’ll be sharing with the people you love most!But pain or discomfort while chewing can spoil that experience. ...

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For Your Whiter Smile, Trust A Professional! [BLOG]

There’s nothing like those first few sips of coffee to start your day. Or that refreshing glass of red wine to start the weekend after a grueling work week. But these simple pleasures don’t come without a cost.Coffee and ...

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What’s Your Oral Health IQ? [QUIZ]

For today's blog, we created this fun quiz for you and your child to complete together so you can begin the conversation about the importance of good dental habits.Now that fall is here, you could be facing loads of ...

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Fix Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG]

Do you have flaws in your smile that need to be fixed? If so, you’re in luck!Our Frankfort dental office can give your smile a boost with cosmetic dentistry. Our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry offers a variety of ...

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3 Ways To Overcome Dental Anxiety [INFOGRAPHIC]

Being afraid of the dentist is much more common than you might think.That’s why at Bell & Bell Dentistry, we’re committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible in our Frankfort, KY dental office. Today’s ...

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