End Your Pain With Emergency Dental Care in Frankfort, KY

Whenever your teeth hurt, that’s a problem. Whether you are suffering from a toothache or a dental injury, we want to help fix it. At Bell & Bell Dentistry, we understand that when someone needs emergency dental care in Frankfort, KY they want it as soon as possible. It’s why we make every effort to see people on the same day they call our office.

At our office, we will:

  • Take care of your immediate pain
  • Provide treatment that is as painless as possible
  • Get you ready to rebuild your smile

In a dental emergency, you can’t afford to waste time. Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell know that you want help quickly when you or someone you love is in pain and your smile is at risk. Call 502-783-6322 now to get help.

Stop Suffering & Save Your Smile

We never want anyone to be in pain, but we also understand that emergency situations happen. A game of catch can end quickly if someone takes their eye off the ball. A movie can be ruined if you break a tooth on a popcorn kernel.

Just in case, keep our number handy. We can help with all these situations:

  • Toothaches — Throbbing pain or pain when you bite and chew can be symptoms of an infected tooth. A root canal is often the best way to remove the infection so your tooth can be restored.
  • Broken or Cracked Tooth — If you walk or run into something, you might break a tooth. If you bite into something that’s harder than you expected, you could crack a tooth. In either case, we can repair it. Many times, a dental crown is the most effective way to restore your smile and your bite.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth — If one of your teeth is knocked out of its socket, we will first want to stop your pain. Then we can discuss replacement options, such as a dental implant, to rebuild your smile.

We offer a pain-free injection process, so you won’t feel any new pain while you receive emergency dental care in Frankfort, KY. Call 502-783-6322 now to get help, or save our number in your phone so you can reach Bell & Bell Dentistry quickly should you ever need us. For non-emergency needs, you can also make an appointment online.