Root canals are one of the most valuable restorative dentistry treatments. Root canals by trusted Frankfort, KY dentists, Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell of Bell & Bell Dentistry are practically painless and can save you from having your infected or damaged tooth extracted. Not only can we complete the treatment without pain, but we have a caring and confident staff that will make you feel like part of the family. You’re not even called a dental patient here. You’re a dental guest.

Our highly skilled team of Frankfort, KY dentists, Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell will fix your tooth, relieve your pain, and have you smiling again in no time. Dr. David Bell has been treating dental patients for more than 45 years. Meanwhile, his son, Dr. Joe Bell receives a high distinction from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Call Bell & Bell Dentistry today at 502-783-6322 to set up a time to come in.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canals are a treatment in which the damaged nerve and pulp are removed from inside your tooth to prevent an extraction. First, the Bell & Bell Dentistry dental team will numb your mouth. This way, you will not feel anything during your procedure. Bell & Bell Dentistry in Frankfort, KY even have painless numbing and even dental sedation, so it really can’t get any more comfortable.

Next, Frankfort, KY dentists Dr. David Bell or Dr. Joe Bell will open a small hole in your damaged tooth. Through this hole, the damaged nerve and the surrounding tissue (pulp) are removed. Your nerve will not heal, so once it’s damaged, it needs to be removed, or you risk more serious complications.

Once the nerve is removed, the inside of your tooth is sterilized, filled, and then sealed with a dental crown. This leaves your tooth in a perfect working condition, looking just the way it did before your problems began. Your smile will be healthy once again after root canal treatment at Bell & Bell Dentistry in Frankfort, KY.

Save Your Tooth with Painless Root Canal Treatment

Schedule your painless root canal treatment by calling Dr. David Bell or Dr. Joe Bell of Bell & Bell Dentistry at 502-783-6322. Our online form is another way to schedule your appointment. Our expert Frankfort, KY dentists and caring staff will make sure that you don’t feel a thing while we save your smile.

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