Bring Back Your Smile With Our Tooth Fillings in Frankfort, KY

No one wants cavities, but most of us will get at least one in our lives. If and when that happens, you deserve repair that will:

  • Restore the function of your tooth
  • End your toothache
  • Retain the natural appearance of your smile

At Bell & Bell Dentistry, our Frankfort, KY tooth fillings are an important part of our restorative dentistry. Let us help you get your smile back on track. Call 502-783-6322 today for an appointment.

Reinforce Your Damaged Tooth With a Filling

Tooth decay is a small problem that more than 90 percent of people experience at one time or another. Thankfully, it’s an easily treatable issue. You can get a tooth-colored filling if you visit our office:

  • We use a composite resin that we’ll shade to match the natural color of your smile.
  • When the resin has hardened, we polish it so that other people won’t be able to tell where your real tooth ends and the filling begins.
  • We use a painless numbing process, so you won’t feel a thing while we fill your tooth.

Many of our dental guests prefer these composite fillings to metal ones. In fact, many people with worn-out metal fillings have replaced them with our tooth-colored fillings. Our resin dental fillings are similarly effective at protecting your tooth, but with the benefit of restoring your smile, too.

While cavities can be simple to repair, they also can lead to bigger problems if you let them hang around. When decay persists, it can lead to tooth infections or even tooth loss. While we can fix these issues with a root canal or a dental implant and crown, we prefer to use the least expensive, least invasive procedure possible.

If you have a cavity, the time to fix it is now. To get our tooth fillings in Frankfort, KY, call 502-783-6322 to make your appointment at Bell & Bell Dentistry. You can also make an appointment online.