We’re giving you a couple of suggestions for making sure you have strong, healthy teeth and a great-looking smile that won’t break the bank and that can typically be done in a short amount of time.

The goal is to help you understand that just because it’s mid-November already doesn’t mean you have to endure the next couple of months hiding a flawed smile or avoiding certain foods because of damaged teeth. You should know that it is, in fact, possible to have a fun, relaxing holiday season looking and feeling better because of simple dental solutions like these at Bell & Bell Dentistry in Frankfort, KY!

*Tooth Bonding For Minor Flaws*

You might be scratching your head over this one.

Isn’t tooth bonding cosmetic?

Sure, but bonding slightly damaged teeth can also render restorative benefits, too.

The composite resin we use to cover flawed or damaged teeth, like chips, cracks, gaps, odd shapes, or rough edges, not only brightens your smile overall, but it’s a material that adds strength and protection to those teeth after it’s been shaped, dried, and polished.

You shouldn’t walk around thinking your bonded teeth are indestructible after your treatment, though. Tooth bonding is quick, easy, and affordable, and it accomplishes similar things for your smile that veneers do, but not to the extent that veneers do.

Bonding will make slightly damaged teeth stronger, but it won’t make them as strong, for instance, as veneers or last up to twenty years like veneers likely can.

But, if you only have slight dental problems and are looking for a quick fix that makes a big difference, tooth bonding is a great way to get your smile ready for the holiday season.

*Dental Crowns For Strong, Beautiful Teeth*

It’s no secret that dental crowns are one of the most versatile solutions in dentistry. From discoloration, to decay, to damage, and even missing teeth, crowns solve so many different types of dental problems.

We rely on crowns to replace teeth, to cap a tooth after it’s been treated for infection or decay, and even to cover a cracked or chipped tooth to strengthen and protect it moving forward.

But what isn’t as widely-understood about modern restorations is how beautifully natural they look.

The cosmetic benefits of dental crowns are just as significant as the restorative benefits, especially when you have Drs. David and Joe Bell in charge of your treatment.

With skill, artistry, and experience, we can create a gorgeous crown that blends in with your smile, boosts your confidence for all those special holiday events, and allow you to eat what you want without pain or stress.

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