Halloween is a time of spooky decorations, cool costumes, and of course, treats! While candy is a classic choice for trick-or-treaters, there are plenty of creative alternatives that can bring smiles to kids’ faces without putting their oral health at risk. The sugar in your favorite candies can blend in with the bacteria in your mouth, which can lead to cavities and other problems. Today, we wanted to share five treats to hand out besides candy on Halloween. 

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Toys

Elevate the Halloween experience by offering glow-in-the-dark toys like stickers, bouncy balls, or glow sticks. These treats are not only exciting for children but also enhance the festive atmosphere as the night falls. Kids will love showing off their glowing treasures as they continue their trick-or-treating. 

  • Mini Play-Doh Containers

Encourage creativity and sensory play by giving out mini Play-Doh containers. These small, colorful containers can spark the imaginations of young trick-or-treaters, offering them a fun activity to enjoy after the Halloween festivities have ended. Plus, parents will appreciate the non-edible nature of this treat. 

  • Sticker Sheets and Temporary Tattoos

Sticker sheets and temporary tattoos featuring Halloween-themed designs can provide a delightful alternative to candy. Kids can adorn themselves with spooky tattoos or decorate their belongings with stickers, extending the Halloween spirit beyond the night itself. 

  • Mini Puzzle Packs

Brain-teasing mini puzzle packs can be a hit with older kids who enjoy challenges. Consider offering mini jigsaw puzzles, maze games, or small brainteasers. This interactive treat adds an educational element to the holiday and provides a welcome break from the candy-centric norm. 

  • Healthy Snack Packs

For health-conscious families, consider providing individually packaged snacks like pretzels, popcorn, or dried fruit. You can also create spooky-themed snack packs by drawing pumpkin faces on mandarin oranges or attaching googly eyes to mini bags of pretzels. This option ensures that kids receive treats they can enjoy without the sugar overload. 

As Halloween approaches, it’s a great opportunity to think outside the candy bowl and surprise trick-or-treaters with creative and unique treats. It’s especially important to have alternatives to sweets if you’re the one handing out candy. You’ll put your own smile at risk by having a big bowl of tempting candy near you. Whether it’s glow-in-the-dark toys, mini Play-Doh containers, sticker sheets, puzzle packs, or healthy snacks, these options can make your Halloween stand out while providing children with safe and enjoyable treats. This year, consider handing out treats besides candy to make the holiday a memorable and imaginative experience for all.

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