Even if you’ve never had a root canal before, you probably have enough sense to dread it, right? After all, it’s a painful, horrendous experience, according to dentistry legend!

But today, our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry wants you to know that this bad reputation is quite undeserved. It’s a myth that’s been perpetuated for decades, but today’s blog should help to clear up some of the misconceptions behind it.

Why do we dread root canals? Is it because of a negative, firsthand experience? Or maybe it’s because you’ve heard someone else complain about their bad experience? Maybe it’s neither? Maybe it’s simply because you’re not sure about what they are for and how they’re done.

As you probably already know, one of the first steps in overcoming a fear is to better understand it. So let’s start with explaining what a root canal actually is.

Why Would You Need A Root Canal In The First Place?

Before you’ve gone to the dentist for a cleaning and exam, you might know you need a root canal because you’re in some kind of pain. Isn’t it funny how root canals, according to legend,  are painful enough to be feared, yet in reality, it’s the pain that precedes a root canal that’s far worse?

What kind of pain are you experiencing? Usually, patients have a toothache caused by an infected or diseased canal inside a tooth. It’s where your soft pulp, nerve, and blood vessels live, so naturally, if any of that becomes infected, you’re likely going to feel it!

This kind of toothache can be quite hard to ignore. It can throb intensely, not only in the infected tooth itself, but also all along your jawline. The pain may not subside when you take over-the-counter pain relievers, which can make your days (and likely your sleepless nights) really miserable.

For some, though, the pain might not be as bad. It might start with tooth sensitivity when you bite down on certain foods, or it may be related to hot or cold temperatures of your foods and drinks.

Surprisingly, not every root canal starts with pain that unbearable. Some people don’t feel any toothache pain at all. That’s why it’s so important to visit your Frankfort dentist at least twice a year to make sure you’re in good oral health.

If you don’t have a toothache, you might suspect you need a root canal if you notice symptoms like:

  • -Chronic bad breath
  • -Red, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • -Discoloration of one or more teeth

But again, it’s possible to need a root canal without any noticeable symptoms. In fact, there are many dental problems that manifest over time without obvious symptoms. Schedule your next dental cleaning and exam with Dr. Bell to make sure all is well with your teeth and gums!

Where Should You Go For A Root Canal?

When you need a root canal, choose a painless experience at Bell & Bell Dentistry in Frankfort, KY.

Our highly-trained team of professionals can help ease your anxieties about the myths you’ve heard about root canals. That’s because we not only offer local anesthetic but dental sedation for especially fearful patients. We put your comfort first, so there really is no longer a reason to fear root canals!

The procedure itself involves cleaning the affected tooth by cleaning out the infected pulp, and then we fill and cover it with a dental crown. This is a natural-looking restoration that will also protect your tooth from further damage.

Make An Appointment At Bell & Bell Dentistry

Even if the bad reputation about root canals persist, anyone who trusts their procedure to our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry will know that reputation is undeserved. With our advanced technology, highly-skilled dentists, and our warm, friendly staff, you can count on a positive experience every time you visit our Frankfort dental office.

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