Removable dentures may work for some tooth loss patients, but they’re not for everybody, for several reasons.

First, dentures sit on top of your gums and are kept in place with some sort of adhesive. Even if your dentures fit well, that’s a lot of pressure being put on your gums all day long, which is why you have to take them out to soak overnight. Your gums need a chance to rest.

Also, dentures may feel secure at first, but over time, they can loosen. That means they can slip around when you’re speaking and eating. It’s really tough not to constantly worry about that possibility, so it can quickly have you avoiding a lot of social interactions just so you won’t have to think about it so much.

Is it any wonder why so many denture-wearers or those with missing teeth don’t feel much like celebrating on a holiday like Independence Day? Who wants to walk amongst family and friends feeling self-conscious the whole time? Who wants to watch everyone around them fill their plates with ribs, grilled BBQ chicken, and fresh corn-on-the-cob?

While the holiday itself is certainly something to celebrate, it’s easy to understand why a person wouldn’t look forward to a party if that’s the sort of stuff they had to endure.

You Can Avoid A Repeat By Getting Dental Implants!

Dental implants at Bell & Bell Dentistry can change everything!

They are titanium screws that replace your tooth root and fuse with your jawbone. Your new tooth is attached to the implant with an abutment, and that’s what makes all the difference in how much of your natural oral function is restored as a result of this tooth replacement option!

Not only do dental implants lock your replacement teeth in place, but they’re a permanent solution that preserves your jawbone, facial structure, and oral health for years and years!

What Summer Holidays Are Like With Dental Implants

Choosing the foods you love to eat is part of the fun of any summer holiday party. Eating is a sensory experience, a simple pleasure we all enjoy. And it’s essential to your overall health that you’re able to eat a wide variety of nutritious foods.

So it’s no secret why anyone would feel that simple, but impactful, loss of freedom when they have missing teeth or slippery dentures. We often take things like that for granted until we’re faced with the dietary restrictions that come with significant loss of oral function.

That’s one of the biggest changes you’ll experience with dental implants at all your holiday events moving forward. You can fill your plate however you want because your teeth will be firmly in place and your bite will be strong enough to eat all your summer favorites!

You can also enjoy a relaxed confidence in social settings because you won’t be self-conscious about your smile. Your teeth will look healthy and natural, allowing you to maintain a more youthful appearance and a great-looking smile for pictures!

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You don’t have to suffer the same drawbacks of loose dentures or missing teeth for the next 4th of July.

You can make an investment in your physical and emotional health, your appearance, and your quality of life by securing your teeth with dental implants.

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