If you like scary movies, haunted houses, and just the general thrill-seeking fun of Halloween this time of year, then why not cease the opportunity to laugh in the face of another kind of fear?

We’re talking about dental fear, the kind that keeps you from going to the dentist for the routine care you need for a healthy mouth.

At Bell & Bell Dentistry, you’ll find the most powerful form of dental sedation available that will help you get the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve!

Today, you’ll learn about how, with sedation dentistry in Frankfort, KY, you can get past dental fear and get your smile back for good!

Get Past Dental Fear By Knowing Its Cause

Understanding why you feel the way you do about dental care is the first step toward getting past your fears. So here are a few of the most common causes of dental anxiety:

*Too Much Time Away*

Absence might make the heart grow fonder when it comes to love and relationships, it’s the opposite when it comes to the relationship you have with the dentist.

Well, your relationship with the idea of the dentist, that is.

At Bell & Bell Dentistry, we take your trust very seriously, which is why we would never do anything to make you feel inferior, ashamed, or judged about the state of your oral health. In fact, we applaud anyone who has the courage to take that first step back to the dentist office after years spent avoiding dental treatment! We know how hard it is for fearful patients to do that, which is why we’re committed to maintaining a completely judgment-free zone!

*Scary Appointments From The Past*

If you had a scary or painful dental appointment as a kid, those memories will stay with you just as vividly as if they happened yesterday. Although it’s understandable, you’ll realize quickly that when you’re in our care, you’ll have no reason to expect your traumatic dental history to repeat itself!

*Horror Stories*

Do you ever get the sense that some people just seem to enjoy delivering bad news? You might have friends, coworkers, and even family members who can’t seem to wait to tell you what you’re in for when you mention your upcoming dental procedure. Hearing horror stories about dentist appointments secondhand can easily intensify your feelings of panic and nervousness.

The good news is that even though someone you know may have had a bad experience, doesn’t mean you will, especially since you’ll be in our caring, capable hands!

*Fear Of The Unknown*

It’s frightening for many people to suddenly hand over the controls and let someone else be in charge. This is never more evident than in a medical or dental office.

To put your mind at ease, we talk you through every step of the process so you’re never left wondering or guessing what’s coming next, and if you need a break, we’re happy to slow things down until you feel comfortable and ready to proceed.

Get Your Smile Back With Dental Sedation!

Drs. David and Joe Bell have extensive training in dentistry, specifically to offer the strongest form of dental sedation available, which is IV sedation.

Your level of anxiety and dental treatment needs are considered so you can decide which form of sedation is appropriate for you. We’ll closely monitor you during your procedure to maximize your comfort and make adjustments when and if necessary.

With each successful appointment at Bell & Bell Dentistry, you’ll start to regain control of your oral health and get your beautiful smile back!

Take The First Step Today!

There’s no better time to overcome your dental fear than during the Halloween season. It’s when we laugh in the face of fear, scoff at the trickery of bad horror films, and actually pay to stand in line for hours all for the thrill of having strangers dressed in crazy costumes jump out at you from the dark corners of a haunted house.

Laugh in the face of your dental fears knowing that, with our caring team and IV sedation, you can get through any dental procedure and get your beautiful, healthy smile back!

To schedule your appointment in Frankfort, KY, call Bell & Bell Dentistry today at 502-783-6322 or fill out our convenient online form.