Time is flying by this year! We’re already facing another holiday, and it’s one that has significant meaning for dentists. That’s because we’re talking about Thanksgiving.

Not to minimize the deeper meaning of the holiday in terms of self-reflection and acknowledgement of all that you have to be thankful for, but we know that a close second in the list of reasons to love this time of year is the food!

You can’t talk about Thanksgiving without talking about all the delicious foods that will line your family’s dinner table. So our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry wants to address some of the ways this holiday can be affected by the state of your teeth and your smile.

Today, we’re exploring a few of the ways you can get your smile ready in our Frankfort, KY dental office for a fun, fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday!

Ways To Get Your Smile Ready For Thanksgiving

First, we should mention that certain dental problems and smile flaws can keep you from enjoying Thanksgiving.

You might have damaged teeth from an accident or injury resulting in cracks or chips. Maybe you have some decay or infection that’s giving you a toothache. Or perhaps you have a perfectly healthy smile, but you have teeth stains or other cosmetic issues that make you feel insecure or embarrassed.

The demands on your teeth on Thanksgiving are twofold. First, you want to be able to chew your food with comfort and confidence. This isn’t the time of year to be dealing with tooth pain! You also want to be able to flash a beautiful smile for photos you’ll be taking when visiting with family and friends.

We can help you with all of those kinds of dental problems at Bell & Bell Dentistry! Here are some ways we can repair, restore, and beautify your smile in time for the holiday season.

Make Your Smile Brighter With Teeth Whitening

Let’s start with something simple! No other cosmetic treatment can boost your confidence and enhance your smile as easily as professional teeth whitening. Not only can you brighten your smile effectively with our whitening system, but you can be the one in control of your treatment.

That’s because we offer Philips Zoom Nite White system that you can do in the comfort of your home and the convenience of your own schedule. After a consultation in our Frankfort dental office, you can take the treatment home with you and control the pace and whitening level until your smile is as bright as you’d like it to be!

Repair A Damaged Smile With Restorations & Veneers

Dental crowns and bridges might be the solution for your teeth. Restorations can be used to replace missing teeth for a healthy, complete smile. They can also be used to treat large cavities, decayed teeth, and infected teeth after root canal treatment.

Our restorations are strong and natural-looking so you can chew all the foods you love and still look great!

But there’s also the option of veneers as a restorative solution. You’ll find veneers most often listed in the cosmetic dentistry category, but they also repair and protect damage like cracks and chips.

Veneers are considered cosmetic as well thanks to their ability to straighten teeth, fill gaps, and whitening your smile. If you’re looking for a transformed, healthy, beautiful smile, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Bell and ask about our dental veneers!

Balance Your Smile With Gum Reshaping & Tooth Contouring

For the same reasons that a whiter smile and a smile free from damage can make you feel more comfortable and confident on Thanksgiving, a balanced smile can enhance your holiday experience.

With gum reshaping and recontouring, you can create a more pleasing balance between your gums and the size and shape of your teeth. This isn’t something that really affects your ability to enjoy your holiday plate, but it can do wonders with your pride and confidence when it’s time to flash your smile for photos!

Don’t Wait To Fix Your Thanksgiving Smile!

If you want teeth that will help you enjoy delectable Thanksgiving dinner and a smile that looks great in all your family photos, then it’s time to come in for a consultation at Bell & Bell Dentistry!

Our team has the technology and skill to repair damaged teeth and beautify your smile in time for a fun, fulfilling holiday!

Call our Frankfort, KY office today at 502-783-6322 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.