As you gear up for summer sports, our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry wants to remind you to visit our Frankfort, KY dental office now for a custom athletic mouthguard so your smile stays safe all season long!

Where You Get An Athletic Mouthguard Matters!

A high school athlete can’t shop in the children’s section of the sporting goods store and expect to find the appropriately-sized gear for them, just as a child couldn’t borrow mom or dad’s cleats or track shoes for the upcoming sports season.

Finding what suits your size and shape best so you can perform well as an athlete requires customization, and with an athletic mouthguard, there’s only one place you can go to get that.

And it’s not the sporting goods store!

*You Need To Feel Comfortable*

It’s distracting enough just sitting still if you’re wearing something that doesn’t fit.

Imagine having to move freely, quickly, and effectively as an athlete if some part of your gear is loose and sliding around all over the place!

To do your best when it really counts, you need an athletic mouthguard that fits comfortably!

It will help you breathe easily and stay focused on the game and your surroundings, and you’ll perform better as a result.

*Your Teeth & Gums Need Protection*

Any piece of athletic equipment that’s intended solely for your safety is utterly useless if it doesn’t fit the area it’s supposed to protect.

So just like helmets, gloves, or knee pads, your mouthguard has to fit properly if you hope to avoid serious physical risks of blunt force contact to your jaw, head, and mouth.

That means it has to be customized to the precise measurements of your mouth, not mass-produced to fit everyone, nor can it be a boil-and-bite product that results in a ‘good enough’ fit over your teeth and gums.

Drs. David and Joe Bell have the tools and training to give your mouth the full coverage you need for maximum safety and protection.

*Your Time & Money Are Too Valuable To Waste*

You know what happens to things you buy that don’t fit well.

You might wear it once or twice, but then it ends up buried in a drawer, closet, or gym bag, never to be thought of again.

That’s a waste of your time and money, which is why you should invest in a custom-made mouthguard from the start that you know will keep your mouth safe and feel comfortable at the same time.

And you can only get that from a dentist!

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Don’t let summer sneak up on you before you’ve had the chance to invest in your smile with a custom athletic mouthguard!

We’ll make sure you have the comfort and protection you need for a great season with healthy teeth and gums!

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