The official start of summer is still a few days away, but the heat and humidity of the season has already begun taking hold.

We’re mowing the lawns, planting flowers, opening up the pools, and firing up the grills.

That can only mean one thing – it’s time for summer parties!

Our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry are here to remind you that now is the time to restore problem teeth in Frankfort, KY!

Today, we’re talking about why restorative dentistry is so important to the way you look, feel, and live and can mean the difference between a great season making memories or months of dental appointments fixing teeth problems that could’ve been avoided!

Reasons To Get Restorative Dental Treatment Now

Here’s a deeper explanation of why you should get restorative dental treatment now so you can have a healthier, more enjoyable summer:

*Better Oral Health & Function*

Dental problems, in many cases, will impact your oral function, making it uncomfortable, or even painful, to eat. If that’s not reason enough to get restorative dentistry, there’s more!

Your oral health is the most important reason to restore and repair damaged, diseased, or decayed teeth.

A crack on the surface of your teeth is a pathway for harmful bacteria, as is an untreated cavity, where the inside of your tooth is susceptible to infection without removing the decay and sealing the hole.

If a tooth is already infected, then there’s the risk of it entering your bloodstream and creating widespread, serious systemic health problems.

The point is, you’re supposed to be able to enjoy comfortable, complete function of your mouth and to keep your oral health on track. That’s the primary goal of restorative dental treatment – to give that back to you!

*Better Appearance & Confidence*

Problems with your teeth aren’t always visible in their early stages, or can only be detected by a trained hygienist and dentist, at least.

But the longer you let dental damage or decay go untreated, the greater the cosmetic impact they’ll have on your smile, from noticeable chips and cracks to dark spots and discoloration.

That doesn’t mean you’ll need cosmetic treatment once we’ve restored your mouth. With our natural-looking solutions, like dental crowns, bridges, and tooth-colored fillings, you’ll not only get back comfortable oral function, but your smile will look as beautiful and healthy as it ever did!

This added cosmetic benefit to restorative dentistry means you’ll have a better-looking smile and more confidence about the way you look. Those will go a long way in how much enjoyment you can have at all your social functions this summer, helping you relax and have more fun.

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Dental problems don’t go away on their own, so putting off restorative treatment will only lead to more complications with your oral health, function, and the appearance of your smile down the road.

Don’t spend the summer feeling miserable, anxious, or insecure about your teeth. Find the restorative dental treatment you need for a healthier, better-looking smile at Bell & Bell Dentistry!

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