Our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry wants to make sure everyone’s smile in your household is protected against accidents and injuries while hard at work on the court and the field this spring.

We can go that with our custom athletic mouthguards for the athletes in your family.

Today, we’re talking about some of the ways these simple devices can keep smiles safe all season long!

Spring Sports Put Your Smile At Risk

Youth sports are pretty intense these days. With travel and club teams going year-round, it’s more important than ever to invest in quality, custom-fitted athletic mouthguards for the athletes in your family.

They not only last longer than store-bought guards, but they protect lips, gums, and teeth from an increased risk of dental injuries that often come with the spring sports season.

Why Custom Mouthguards Are Better!

Before you head out to your neighborhood sporting goods store for one of those cheap, mass-produced mouthguards, you should know about the benefits of getting one made in our Frankfort, KY dental office!

*It keeps your smile safe*

Any type of athletic gear can only work if it fits well. That goes for helmets, knee pads, and yes, even mouthguards.

One that’s custom-made will fit over teeth and gums snugly so there are no slips or shifts during play. This will protect you better than anything you’d find in stores.

*It promotes focus and confidence*

A mouthguard you find in stores aren’t made to fit the individual. That means discomfort and inadequate protection against injury.

It’s hard enough to stay focused during a game, and a poorly-fitting mouthguard will only serve as a distraction, which increases the risk of injury even more.

An athletic mouthguard from Bell & Bell Dentistry will fit comfortably and protect effectively, which will give your athlete confidence and help them focus on the field.

*It can save you money*

At first, you may think that buying a mouthguard from the local sporting goods store will save you money.

This might be true initially, but those don’t protect as well as one you’d get from a dentist.

If your child suffers an oral injury during a game, you could be looking at restorative dental work like a crown or tooth replacement, which can add up.

By investing in a custom-made mouthguard now, you’re actually saving money.

*It will be put to good use*

It’s a common challenge many parents face:

If something is the slightest bit uncomfortable, your child won’t wear it.

The same applies to mass-produced mouthguards. Without the perfect fit, it’ll likely end up buried somewhere in the gym bag.

Our mouthguards are made for the individual, so you’re sure to get a comfortable fit, which means your child will be more likely to wear it.

Make An Appointment

The spring sports season is hectic, but well worth the time and energy you and your little athlete invest. The last thing you should have to deal with during a Saturday afternoon game is some kind of dental emergency.

That’s why you should call Bell & Bell Dentistry today to make an appointment for an athletic mouthguard. We’ve been keeping smiles safe with customized guards for years, and we’d love to do the same for the athletes in your family.

Call our Frankfort, KY office today at 502-783-6322 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.