This is the time of year when many Frankfort, KY residents are sending the kids off to school for a new semester, or starting one themselves.

So our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry wants to join the season of knowledge with a crash course in our painless root canal treatments!

We’re raising awareness about how this widely-dreaded procedure has become simpler and more comfortable than ever in our modern dental practice!

Root Canals 101

It’s unfair that root canals have historically had such a bad reputation as far as dental treatments go. That’s because it’s a procedure that removes harmful infection from inside of your tooth, keeps the infection from spreading, and consequently, saves your smile and your health.

All of this begins with bad bacteria that live inside your mouth. It’s the reason a person might develop tooth decay, cavities, and even gum disease, throughout their lifetime.

If this bacteria manages to weasel its way through your tooth enamel, it can set up shop inside of it and infect the dental pulp and nerves that live there.

This is why anyone who needs a root canal will probably experience a severe toothache, prompting the dental appointment that led to the discovery of their infection in the first place.

With Painless Root Canals, There’s Nothing To Fear!

The purpose and process of root canal treatments haven’t really changed all that much, save for the advanced tools we use throughout the procedure itself.

Here is how most root canal treatments work:

  • *After anesthetic and sedation, if needed, are administered, we clean the infected tooth.
  • *Dr. Bell creates a tiny opening in the tooth and gently removes the infected tissues.
  • *Once the inside of your tooth is sanitized, the hole is filled up, then sealed with a beautiful dental crown.

Pretty routine, right?

What has changed, quite significantly, in fact, is the patient experience.

Root canals have the worst reputation of all dental treatments, perpetuated by the myth that they’re horribly painful. We can’t speak for everyone else, but we can speak for our own practice.

At Bell & Bell Dentistry, our root canal treatment is simple, painless, and comfortable. That’s because we begin your procedure with a state-of-the-art numbing technique that channels a local anesthetic to the infected area, and you won’t feel a thing!

On top of that, we also offer the strongest of dental sedation options so you’ll feel completely calm and relaxed during treatment. In fact, with IV sedation, you may not even remember the appointment once your procedure is over!

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Not only are root canals in our Frankfort, KY dental practice simple and painless, but they are necessary to save an infected tooth, protect your mouth, and preserve your smile.

Experience the comfort of modern restorative dentistry!

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