If you’re someone who doesn’t like the way their smile looks, you may find a sense of comfort in the winter season. Everyone tends to stay home where it’s warm and cozy, so there’s little pressure for you to be out and about, hopping from one social gathering to another.

But spring is here.

You can’t stay cooped up indoors anymore, and you can’t keep yourself hidden during warmer, more active social seasons like you have been for the last few years.

It’s time to carve a different path for yourself with cosmetic dentistry in Frankfort, KY!

At Bell & Bell Dentistry, you can give your smile a complete overhaul with dental veneers, a single treatment option that can change more than your appearance!

The Problem With An Imperfect Smile

An imperfect smile is certainly a problem, but it goes deeper than cosmetics.

Sure, dental flaws like crooked, gapped, stained, or misshapen teeth are unattractive.

But more than that, these imperfections are embarrassing!

And when you’re embarrassed about your smile, you’re going to let it control your behavior.

You may avoid social situations, professional opportunities, and even romantic relationships all because of your insecurity and lack of confidence. Think of all the ways you let the problems with your teeth keep you from doing things you really want to do!

In other words, you start settling for less than the happy, fulfilling life you deserve. That’s the real problem with an imperfect smile.

Veneers Take Your Smile From Flawed To Fabulous!

One of the best innovations in cosmetic dentistry has been the dental veneer. Originally created for the stars of early cinema, veneers are now more evolved, sophisticated, customized, and accessible to the general public.

Fortunately, for you! That’s because veneers are a well-known cosmetic solution that can take your smile from flawed to fabulous!

Dental veneers are crafted from fine materials, usually porcelain, based on the precise measurements of your teeth. The goal is for your veneers to fit naturally and comfortably over flawed teeth once they’re placed. For maximum adhesion and lasting strength, your tooth enamel may need to be etched away first, just enough for the veneers to firmly bond and sit flush with your gumline.

Because they cover teeth, veneers can hide:

  • *Gaps
  • *Stains
  • *Chips
  • *Cracks
  • *Nicks
  • *Rough edges
  • *Odd shapes

For as long as you wear them, dental veneers will resist stains and keep your smile fabulous!

Get Started With A Consultation!

Multiple teeth flaws can be an overwhelming problem that has a widespread effect on your life, tracing back to the insecurity you feel about your smile.

When what you do or don’t do is being controlled by that insecurity, it’s time put your life and your happiness back into your own hands!

Dental veneers in Frankfort, KY could be the perfect way to do that!

But it all starts with a cosmetic consultation at Bell & Bell Dentistry! Call us today at 502-783-6322 or fill out our convenient online form to set up an appointment.