There’s nothing like those first few sips of coffee to start your day. Or that refreshing glass of red wine to start the weekend after a grueling work week. But these simple pleasures don’t come without a cost.

Coffee and red wine can leave dark stains behind on your teeth. The problem is that these stains aren’t something that you notice right away. They seep in slowly over time, often years, before you realize your smile has become dull and dingy. One day, you look in the mirror or you spot an old picture of yourself, and you see just how much your smile has been affected.

Our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry has good news! You can schedule a consultation in our Frankfort dental office to begin your professional teeth whitening treatment. Some of you might be wondering if seeing your dentist for a whiter smile is really necessary, especially considering how easy it is to just grab a whitening kit from your local drugstore.

While store-bought kits might be cheap, we’re reminding you in today’s blog that the saying is true: you get what you pay for!

The Benefits Of A Whiter Smile

Maybe you think none of this information applies to you because you’re not a coffee or wine drinker. The truth is, though, those aren’t the only things that stain your teeth. Many foods and beverages contain dark pigments that can leave behind stubborn stains just as easily!

That can include marinara sauce, soy sauce, dark sodas, tea, chocolate, and even healthier stuff like blueberries. Of course, you also have to factor in use of tobacco products. All of these can change the color of your smile over time.

Even if you brush and floss religiously, the stains left behind from years of dark food, drinks, and tobacco products just can’t be helped by good oral hygiene alone.

With professional teeth whitening at a dentist’s office, you get the kind of results that can:

  • -Make you look younger!
  • -Boost your confidence!
  • -Help you make a great first impression!
  • -Make you want to show off your smile again!

At Bell & Bell Dentistry, we can provide you with the kind of professional strength whitening gel that could never be found on store shelves. With our Philips Zoom Nite-White take-home system, you’re actually getting results far better than OTC kits can offer.

The Problem With Drugstore Whitening Kits

Only your dentist can get prescription strength whitening agents. What’s more is that they are adequately trained in how to administer these treatments safely. With the cheap drugstore brands, you’re only getting a fraction of the whitening power.

We’re giving you just a few of the problems you might run into when you trust a drugstore brand whitening treatment!

Lackluster Results

Remember that old saying we mentioned earlier, you get what you pay for? That’s exactly what happens when you go the cheap route and buy an OTC system. They may promise dramatic results, but again, with very weak whitening agents in their gels and strips, you can never remove stubborn stains effectively.

This might lead you to keep buying them over and over, so ultimately, you’re not really saving much money at all.

Problematic Instructions

When you’re the one in control of the treatment, the results depend on how clearly the instructions are printed for you. Not only do they usually come in tiny print on those slips of paper in the box, but they can often be confusing, leaving a lot more room for error.

Potential Harm To Your Gums

Even though store-bought kits contain weak bleaching agents, they’re still bleaching agents. So you run the risk of causing harm to your gums if the trays or strips aren’t fitted properly for your mouth. Over time, this can do quite a bit of damage!

The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

For a truly whiter smile, the best route is straight to your dentist’s office for safe, effective treatment! We have a highly-trained team of professionals and a prescription strength whitening system to give you the dramatically whiter smile you deserve!

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective store brands! Give us a call at 502-783-6322 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule your professional teeth whitening treatment!