There are many reasons fixing your teeth can improve your self-esteem. Having a beautiful smile is an excellent way of leaving a great first impression. Whether you are starting to date, looking for a job, or just want to fix problems you’ve been trying to hide, cosmetic and restorative dentistry can give you a much-needed boost in confidence. Here’s why:

  1. You’ll improve your most attractive feature.

A recent survey showed that 45 percent of participants agreed that a smile is a person’s best feature. In fact, over 50 percent thought that having a beautiful smile can stand the test of time as you age. So by addressing flaws you feel embarrassed about, you are improving what people notice most and how you feel about yourself.

  1. You’ll feel better about first impressions.

When you have a gorgeous smile, people actually see you in a different way. They associate positive attributes, like warmth and friendliness, with a beautiful smile. So if you hide your teeth when you grin or cover your mouth when you laugh, you are missing out on good first impression vibes all around.

  1. You’ll enjoy good oral health.

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile! More than just surface-level beauty, if your oral health is good that is a wonderful feeling. So if you’re ignoring dental pain or have missing or damaged teeth, that can affect your self-esteem. 

Ways to Fix Your Teeth & Beautify Your Grin

We offer a variety of cosmetic and restorative care treatments that can transform your smile flaws. Teeth whitening is an easy place to start. This can get rid of tooth stains and brighten your smile from the comforts of home. You may also want to consider veneers if you want teeth like celebrities!

If you are struggling with dental pain, we can stop the pain by eliminating what’s causing the discomfort. Your solutions may range from gum disease treatment to root canals. Whatever treatment option is the best path to oral health, you’ll be in comfort with our up-to-date technology, expertise, and even sedation options to put you at ease. 

Whether you have a small change needed or need several treatments, we’d love to help you get a smile you feel confident about. Call us at 502-783-6322 or schedule online for your next appointment in Frankfort, KY.