Everyone wants to like what they see when they look in the mirror.

Given that the smile is the first, and perhaps the most significant, facial feature others notice, a beautiful smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry is a gift we all deserve.

And, yes, that includes you!

A great-looking smile needs healthy, strong, bright, nicely-shaped teeth and gums. With cosmetic dentistry at Bell & Bell Dentistry in Frankfort, KY, you can have it all.

But it’s more than appearances that matter here. It’s about how you feel about yourself that makes cosmetic treatment such a powerful gift.

Knowing you look your best is something you’ll carry with you everywhere that will give you  the courage to go after the life you want.

The only question that remains is which cosmetic treatment is the right one for you!

You Deserve The Gift Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. David Bell and Dr. Joe Bell are just the experienced professionals you need to administer life-changing cosmetic dental treatment for the smile you want.

No matter which of our cosmetic solutions you choose, the results are always the same, which is a stunning, confident smile you’ll be proud of.

Be Merry & Bright With Teeth Whitening

The holidays are supposed to be merry and bright, which is why a dull, dingy smile just won’t do! With our professional take-home teeth whitening system, you get to control the lightness of shade and pace of treatment until you reach your desired results, which are far better and safer than what you can find at the local drugstore.

Wrap Your Smile In Love With Veneers

Dental veneers are transformative all on their own, working wonders to improve the color, strength, surface, and shape of your teeth in just one treatment. Among the multiple dental flaws veneers can mask are:

  • *Teeth stains and discoloration
  • *Misshapen teeth
  • *Gaps between teeth
  • *Slightly crooked teeth
  • *Cracked, chipped, or worn teeth

If you really want to wrap your smile in love this season, dental veneers are a life-changing gift!

Strike The Right Balance With Gum Reshaping

Sometimes the trouble with your smile isn’t really because of your teeth at all. It’s your gums that can throw your smile out of balance.

Too much gum tissue can hide the better portion of your teeth, making them appear smaller than they are, and making you feel self-conscious about your smile.

Our gum reshaping is meant to expose more of your teeth, allowing them to shine in the spotlight they deserve! We can gently move your gumline up so you have a more balanced, beautiful smile.

Get Started Today!

Our team at Bell & Bell Dentistry wants you to receive every gift on your holiday wish list.

Some gifts are best left up to Santa.

But if a bright, flawless smile is something you’ve always wanted but never thought you could have, then let us make that dream come true with our cosmetic dentistry services in Frankfort, KY.

The elves in our workshop are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work for your new smile, a gift you deserve and can enjoy for many holidays to come!

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